A negotiating approach that delivers results!

Our negotiating approach and experience allow us to resolve the restructuring of employee benefit programs efficiently and transparently for all involved.

Our approach and methodology are based on a knowledge and understanding of the situation and the desired results. We take into account costs and financial resources. Our goal is to provide you with information and tools that will maximize your employees’ satisfaction, within legal and budgetary parameters. All our activities are directed toward this end.

We have what it takes to achieve your objectives: we listen, we know the playing field, we have the necessary knowledge and technical skills and we build consensus with our creative solutions. We make it our priority to ensure that your project is completed on time, to your full satisfaction, at every stage of the negotiation mandate, whereby we:

  • Analyze your objectives to help you determine directions
  • Develop innovative solutions that meet your expectations
  • Provide support to the plan sponsor in dealings with the various stakeholders
  • Develop negotiating strategies
  • Participate in talks and mediation to bring the parties closer together
  • Communicate issues and solutions in a simple and clear manner
  • Suggest viable solutions within imposed deadlines
  • Attend all meetings
  • Participate at the negotiating table
  • Act as an expert witness in the area of pension plans, if required


Our approach has four stages:

Define objectives

In the first stage, we make sure that we understand the specific issues of the mandate. Beyond the scope of work, we pay attention to values, standards, policies, the approval network and key players. All these help us define the break points and implicit restrictions. We sit down with you to prioritize issues and confirm objectives. We then formulate a clear and transparent position that is communicated to all stakeholders. This does not mean showing our hand, but simply letting the other stakeholders understand the key issues and the rules of the game.

Develop solutions

Stage two is the technical execution of the mandate. This is where we identify your people and put them in touch with our people to optimize communication and collaboration. At this point, we also set the timeline and delegate tasks.

Since solutions are not developed in isolation, we generally hold regular follow-up meetings. These are often telephone calls or video conferences, and make it possible to solve problems quickly and narrow the gaps between proposals.

Stakeholder acceptance

Whether the constituency is senior management, the board or employee representatives, a rationale must be developed to earn stakeholder support or consent. In negotiations, we help your people with technical issues and strategy, suggesting the adjustments needed to win acceptance of the solution, in keeping with agreed objectives. If necessary, we defend the client’s position in arbitration.


In the final stage, the solution is implemented. This means drafting or helping to draft agreements, policies and plan amendments. If costs have not been finalized, they are re-evaluated. The final version of the agreement is circulated to stakeholders in the prescribed format and may take the form of an announcement, a booklet, online content or information sessions. As well, we are often involved in training the employees or subcontractors who look after plan member communications, systems programming and benefit administration.