Retirement Plans 

We are well aware that supporting employees looking forward to their retirement is an increasingly daunting challenge!

Our retirement plan consultants can support you throughout the development or redesign process and in managing your retirement plans, whether they are defined benefit plans or capital accumulation plans.

In the current context of low interest rates, insufficient yields, volatile markets, an aging population and increasing life expectancies, it is natural to spend more time considering provisions of various plans and approaches to risk management.

Our consultants can help you find answers to your questions and explore various strategies with you.

  • How can we improve the management of our retirement plan's financial risk?
  • How can we better control the plan's costs?
  • How can we evaluate the efficacy of our investments?
  • What are the latest trends?
  • Is our retirement plan in line with our human resources and remuneration strategy?
  • Is our plan an effective way to attract new employees and retain our employees over the long-term?
  • Does our plan lead our employees to speak of our organization in a positive way once they retire?
  • How can we help our employees who are concerned about having enough income when they retire?

We can help you perfect your plan, propose changes or even guide you in the selection of another type of plan.

More detailed information on our offer with respect to retirement plans is presented in the following three sections of our website: