Defined Benefit Plan

Do you sponsor or administer a defined benefit plan?

Our consultants can help you strategize by:

  • carrying out analyses and formulating recommendations to optimize your plan
  • estimating costs of changes and supporting you throughout the processes of renewing collective agreements and establishing working conditions
  • putting in place or revising the sharing of costs with respect to your plan
  • reviewing managers' supplemental plans

Our consultants can also help with operations by:

  • supporting you with day-to-day plan administration
  • periodically analyzing the financial situation of your plans and making projections
  • carrying out sensitivity analyses
  • supporting your work on retirement and governance committees
  • training administrators
  • developing retirement preparation courses

Our approach: listening, communication and teamwork.

Our priority: understanding your objectives, suggesting viable solutions that respect agreed upon budgets and timelines.

We work in a collegial fashion with stakeholders to put effective management into practice. Result: improved quality, compliance with timelines and your satisfaction.