Capital Accumulation Plans

Do you sponsor a capital accumulation plan or are you considering putting one in place?

Our consultants can offer you strategic assistance by:

  • carrying out analysis and formulating recommendations to optimize your plan in fiscal terms or in terms of design and to ensure the best return on your investment, thus supporting your organizational objectives
  • providing the support you need to ensure your plan's costs are properly managed
  • guiding you in finding a service provider and negotiating the services to be offered
  • carrying out comparative analyses of plans that are available on the market

Our consultants can also assist you with your operations by:

  • supporting day-to-day administration of your plans
  • supporting the work of the retirement plan's administrators and the personnel responsible for governance
  • training administrators
  • developing retirement preparation courses


Our approach: listening, communication and teamwork.

Our priority: understanding your objectives and suggesting simple solutions that respect agreed upon budgets and timelines.

We work in a collegial fashion with stakeholders to put effective management into practice. Result: improved quality, compliance with timelines and your satisfaction.