Our Opti-Plan Solution

Opti-Plan is a multi-management solution that sets us apart in the market. It allows sponsors of smaller retirement savings funds to access financial conditions that are usually reserved for larger pension funds. For plan sponsors, Opti-Plan represents a low-cost, turnkey solution that allows them to meet their fiduciary responsibility with minimal intervention. For over five years, it has benefited a multitude of small and medium-sized businesses in Quebec.

Our Opti-Plan solution includes the following elements:

  • Selection of a retirement savings plans administrator and monitoring of the administrator's compliance.
  • Access to a variety of plans based on the employer's objectives.
  • Competitive fees due to the economy of scale achieved by pooling the assets of several group plans, as well as the in-depth analyses that are performed and that benefit all Opti-Plan’s clients.
  • Initial meeting with the client to understand their needs and objectives.
  • Annual monitoring reports on management activities, including investment performance analysis.
  • Selection of highly qualified investment fund managers (and their replacement, when required).
  • Creating and maintaining investment solutions.
  • Follow-up on the services offered by the administrator to members and sponsors.


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