Compensation management poses special challenges and outside assistance can make all the difference when you’re deciding which long-term solutions will produce the results you want. The following comments illustrate typical situations where we have made a positive difference: 

“Many of our managers think that the compensation we offer is not competitive.”

“It’s difficult for us to appropriately recognize the contribution of our best employees, which means that we risk losing them.”

“Every year, the salary review is a real hassle. We have to correct all kinds of mistakes manually.”

“Management wants to set up a new bonus plan. Where do we start?”

“I just received a second request from the Ontario Pay Equity Commission. They’re asking me for information and I don’t have the file. What should I do?

“Our employees don’t really understand the full value of their total rewards.”

If you’re facing situations like these, our experts can help. They know how the marketplace works, have many years of hands-on experience in business and are consultants who successfully address these challenges in many different organizations.