Our Services

Whatever your reality, the experts at Optimum Actuarial Consulting can help you design, implement and monitor your health and wellness program and offer solutions tailored to the demographics of your group:


  • Step 1 – Current Status:
    • Evaluate current reality;
    • Employee survey;
    • Analyze participation rate for existing program, if any.
  • Step 3 – Health and Wellness Program:
    • Implement a health and wellness program tailored to your needs;
    • Establish a communications strategy.
  • Step 2 – Objective:
    • Define objectives;
    • Implement key performance indicators;
    • Analyze possibilities and market trends.
  • Step 4 – Control and Prevention:
    • Measure program impact against key performance indicators;
    • Deploy the communications strategy;
    • Identify risk factors using a predictive analytics model;
    • Continually improve the offering to increase the participation rate.